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PEPAIDS is an international development charity, based in the North West of the UK, in Manchester. We work with an African NGO, SAPEP, alleviating poverty and HIV/AIDS in Zambia.

Our aim:

To empower some of Zambia’s poorest rural communities to overcome poverty and to pull together and stand firm in their daily struggle against the effects of HIV/AIDS. Our focus is on the vulnerable; widows, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our strength:

Our strength is in empowering people in Africa, the UK and other countries to work together to bring them new vision and fresh hope to some of Zambia’s most vulnerable people!

Our belief:

Everyone can do something! No matter what your background, situation or circumstance, PEPAIDS is committed to finding something that you CAN do!

Life in the developing world is very different to life in the developed world, but we've found that by bringing together people’s skills and experiences, we can learn from each other, motivate each other and ultimately make a difference that will change lives and help save them too!


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Fancy doing a placement in Zambia with us? Check out our new, updated Kulyaaba information pack, telling you what's involved!

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