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We're now just over halfway through our Growing Futures Project which aims to equip orphans and vulnerable children to change their own circumstances for the better. So far we have delivered 8 camps, directly impacting 258 orphans and vulnerable children, and are now working with their communities to try and bring about lasting change.


The next step in our Growing Futures journey is to take a group of eight people from Manchester UK, including four children and youth workers to bring a fresh injection of skills and ideas to the young adult Zambians delivering the camps, to make them even better! The brilliant thing about this trip, is that the learning experience will be two-way. The children and youth workers from the UK will gain new skills, ideas and confidence that they will bring back and sow into the lives of around 230 children and youth that they reach out to in the South Manchester area on a regular basis.


"Jacob, Daisy, Dan and Daniel will go and share their skills in children and youth work and learn new ones. Their trip will impact children in Zambia and the UK"

How you can help

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Here's what your money buys:

£10 will pay for 3 meals per day for one child for the whole camp

£15 will pay for teaching materials so we can educate them about their rights and HIV/AIDS

£80 will enable us to train 4 community mentors who will provide emotional support for the children long-term.

£150 will buy 2 brightly coloured parachutes that will enable them to play team games beyond their wildest imagination!


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